SV Group is leaping to become one of the most innovative corporate groups in the world.

We are an IT group created by young innovators with innovative thinking and complete management skills for the next generation of finance systems.
We are prepared to shake up businesses around the world with a management approach that is completely innovative and reflected in the thinking of geniuses in every management plan.
In Korea, we have innovative ideas and technologies that we have not seen yet. Our management is very confident that we are experiencing very rapid growth and will soon be surprised by the world.

We are a global venture group launched in Korea and are innovating to create a system for new finance + consumption + banking.
We are rapidly becoming a global company with annual sales rising sharply. We are confident that our business will open fire to the world, and with thorough entrepreneurship and unparalleled innovation, we will produce successful results in all business areas. The moment we make the perfect leap, HomePage will turn into a complete introduction page for our business.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in experiencing a dream with one of our goals with true innovation, or if you are interested in more information about our company. We are ready to do anything together.

SV Companies and Business


SV is the center of every project and leader of SV.
SV creates the strategy and direction of every project that is us.
It is to draw a large stroke in the history of mankind.



SVX runs AI, big data, smart clothing, block chains, space science, and more.
We present and study the future goals of the SV Group and undertake innovative design.


This is a free investment system that is fair to all users, regardless of country or language.
This symbolizes a platform of value where only "Value" is assessed, with "Vank" meaning convergence between "Value" and "Bank".
It will most certainly become a new cornerstone of the future economy of mankind.


SVLC has extensive practical experience in the field of immigration, real estate transactions, and financing. We provide the most reliable and fastest one-stop solutions for those who are interested in doing business, living and working in the United States.



SVBC is a group of leading experts prosecuting patent applications and protecting intellectual property rights.

We make our client's business a top priority and provide various professional services on intellectual property rights.



SVFLEX is a construction company that builds creative space with unlimited imagination.

We will continue to evolve into a world-class company - which realizes imaginative high-tech approaches to space and landscape that captures people’s dream, happiness, and future - where people, information, environment and technology coexist.



SVUNIT is a future-oriented company that combines “Unit Suits” – developed with cutting-edge technologies - and an advertising business.

We are leaping to become the leading high-tech company.



SVMEDIA is a global channel aimed at bringing ordinary people to the global stage to voice their opinions.

Everyone has freedom of expression, freedom of information, freedom of opportunity, and freedom of association.

We believe that the world gets when we listen to each other, share opinions and form a community.



This is the SV Group's main business and has been on its way for a grand revolution for five years.
This is the beginning of the financial revolution ahead of the global opening.
At the same time as the opening, this SV group homepage will be renewed all over the world.
Then, the introduction of our revolutionary finance business begins.



Our mission is to provide user a pleasant and convenient 24-hour.
We develop a platform that respects the individual's personality.
Based on IT technology, the goal is to become a global media company beyond the Korea market.


98Percent Creative Lab

"98%" will actualize new ideas!!!
We are creating various services enabling you to enjoy your life and making your time valuable through tomorrow's conveniences.

Arena IP

SV Group is a direct patent attorney's office.
Competent Patent Attorneys assist SV Group in patent strategy and management in real time.



Groube is to connect all the groups that exist in the world.
Users can tell their heartfelt without fail.
Groube is to create a world that can make all the connections of the group you want at any time.


As global consulting division, we are trying new consulting that others have not tried.
Please apply for consulting at any time.



Jelyfeed is the first online entertainment agency services.
We are interested with all kinds of contents such as webtoon to movie.
Through PC and mobile platform, anyone can easily upload and sell works.
You can be a famous star with a huge fan club through a Jelyfeed.


ofreshmarket is a strategic cosmetic sales market that is promoted in the open beta phase. Sales volume is surging at the lowest price.


ABXZ is an easy and fast global mobile platform company that safeguards the privacy of mobile phone with privacy function. In 2019, we are aiming for 100 million global users. We will grow into a company that will lead the next generation of security based on advanced security technologies and expertise.